Financial due diligence

We can provide a report with real commercial value from senior experts. No jargon, no waffle – just reliable, practical findings.

What is due diligence?

Financial due diligence means checking the facts before you commit to a deal. It’s done by exploring financial, commercial, operational and strategic information. This can help you make sensible decisions and address any issues early on.

You’ll normally need financial due diligence when you:

  • Purchase a company (acquisition due diligence)
  • Sell a business (vendor due diligence)
  • Make a private equity investment (commercial due diligence)
  • Seek protection through certain warranties or indemnities

Financial due diligence with PEM Corporate Finance

What we offer is more than a due diligence report. It’s more, even, than peace of mind. It’s tangible, commercial value.

This comes from using our senior staff throughout the due diligence process – unlike many other firms, which rely on junior employees.

Our senior staff have negotiated countless company sales, purchases and equity investments. So when it comes to due diligence, they don’t simply deliver information – they explain its real-world potential.

For example, our financial due diligence may help you:

  • Negotiate a fair price
  • Agree sensible commercial terms
  • Structure tax and finance more efficiently

Our financial due diligence process

We work closely with clients at every stage of the due diligence process, ensuring our support is relevant and timely. Here’s what you an expect when you partner with us:

Initial meeting

You’ll have an initial meeting with us (at no cost) to discuss your reasons for doing a deal, the motives of the other party, and the risks that need to be addressed.


We’ll agree a scope for the due diligence, ensuring it’s achievable and suitable to your needs. We’ll explain our fee and process up front,  so you know what to expect.

Gathering information

Next, we’ll work with you to gather meaningful data. We’ll discuss your company in depth with its senior managers, to help us identify risks and other key factors to consider.


Our senior staff will dive deep to interpret the information we’ve uncovered. We know how time-sensitive deals can be, so we’ll tell you about useful findings in real-time.

Due diligence report

Finally, we’ll prepare a financial due diligence report. This document will summarises our findings in plain language and commercial terms.


Let’s chat about your due diligence needs

Get in touch to speak to a member of our team. We’ll have an honest, practical chat about your due diligence needs and how we can help. Remember, we treat every call as confidential.

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