Business valuation

What’s your company worth? Get a business valuation report that’s tailored to you. No forms, no software – just business valuation experts you can trust.

Why get a business valuation?

There are many reasons why you’d need a business valuation, including:

  • Corporate governance
  • Tax and accounting
  • Regulatory approval
  • Shareholder exit
  • Business planning
  • Shareholder/matrimonial disputes
  • Expert witness evidence for legal cases

Our business valuation methods

A business valuation from us is like a well-tailored suit: durable, credible and designed with you in mind. It’s a far cry from ‘off-the-shelf’ valuations offered by non-specialists.

The secret to our business valuations is a multidisciplinary approach. This gives us the whole picture, helping us capture the true value of your company. We never use software to value a business – we know it’s no replacement for real experts.

Business valuation experts you can trust

The PEM Business Valuations team includes senior members from PEM Corporate Finance, as well as professionals in business tax, share schemes and restructuring from our sister firm, PEM.

We’ve valued companies of all types – from window cleaners to airlines, sole traders to multinationals. But despite our experience, we’ll never say “been there, valued that”; we treat every business valuation as unique.

Business valuation process

Here’s what you can expect from us when we value your business:


You’ll get an initial meeting or call with us (at no cost) to talk about the scope and purpose of your business valuation. Next, we’ll give you a formal proposal and set a fixed fee.

Data gathering

We’ll collect any information that’s relevant to the business valuation, such as accounting and corporate governance documents. We’ll also meet you for a ‘fact-find’ – this is a discussion where we get to know your company in detail.

Analysis and reporting

We’ll analyse the data, using a range of databases to provide realistic benchmarks. You’ll get a draft to review before we give you the final business valuation report.

Support after the business valuation

Once your business is valued, we can help negotiate any disputes, prepare business plans and make it tax efficient.

Let’s chat about your business valuation

Get in touch for an informal talk with a member of the PEM Business Valuations team. Remember, there’s no obligation and every call is confidential.

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