Philip Olagunju

Philip Olagunju is an Assistant Director in the PEM Corporate Finance team. He has been supporting owner-managers since 2005.

Philip Olagunju, Assistant Director

Philip worked in corporate finance at top accounting firms for over a decade, before joining us in 2017. With his expertise and affability, he was a clear match for our team.

Philip has been supporting owner-managers since 2005. He also spent a short period as a Finance Director for an SME, meaning he has first-hand experience of our clients’ day-to-day challenges.

Philip’s empathy with clients is clear in the way he communicates. He explains the practical impact of every decision, and simplifies the technical stuff while losing none of its nuance.

Coupled with Philip’s empathy is his tenacity. He takes every obstacle in his stride and battles tirelessly toward the best outcome for you.

Philip’s always open to having a chat via email or over the phone at 01223 728222.