Purchasing a business

Buying a business? Get straightforward advice from experts in business purchases. No jargon, no nonsense – just practical, honest support.

Buying a business could be your best move yet. There’s a lot to gain – including new revenue, customers, assets and talent. You may even take out the competition.

But there’s plenty at risk too. Business acquisitions put your money and reputation on the line, and can even affect your existing company.

That’s why you need an ally. Not a mere business broker, but a real partner. One with the expertise to guide you; the honesty to be frank with you; and above all, the desire to see you succeed.

That’s where PEM Corporate Finance comes in.

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How to buy a business with PEMCF

Here’s what you can expect from us and the business-buying process:

Initial call

Our team has been in corporate finance for decades – but we still get excited when a new business calls. We’ll do a lot of listening as you tell us about your plans. But we’ll also offer practical advice, ensuring you go away with a clear sense of direction.

Exploring your needs

Once you’re ready to partner with us, we’ll agree the scope and fees upfront. Next, we’ll do our homework. We’ll read, research and interview – all to get to the heart of what’ll make your business purchase a success.

Finding a business to purchase

We’re not a business broker – we don’t browse listings and pick any old business for sale. We’re far more picky: we find leads via our network and M&A databases, before personally qualifying each one. Only then do we send you a shortlist of relevant, reputable companies to consider.

Already have a business in mind? We’ll do some digging to ensure they’re right for you.

Approaching companies

Many of the business we’ve shortlisted won’t be actively looking to sell – indeed, the best ones often aren’t. Luckily, we’re experts at getting through to the right people. We’ll have sensible conversations with the owner and – critically – get their attention without showing your hand.

We’ll also put non-disclosure agreements in place, so your plans for buying a business remain confidential.

Negotiating the business purchase

With us as your ally, you’ll enter negotiations armed with facts, figures and confidence. If you like, we’ll sit with you and fight your corner. Our expertise in business valuation and corporate finance will help you agree a favourable price and terms.

Raising finance to buy a business

Using external finance for a company acquisition is common, even if you’re buying a small business. We can help you prepare financial projections and a fundraising document. We’ll also introduce you to financial backers and – as always – fight for the best outcome for you.

Completing the business purchase

We manage due diligence, and legal work for you, right through to completion. But our goal isn’t simply to get the deal over the line. For us, success is your satisfaction and a deal that lasts. After all, that’s what our reputation’s built on.

Let’s chat about buying a business

Speak to a member of our team about purchasing a business. Feel free to bounce ideas off us and discuss your plans. Remember, your call is completely confidential.

How to make acquisition strategic

This free whitepaper lists the seven key questions to ask before making an acquisition.